About Us

You put your car through a lot, so why not put it through a custom car wash? Isaac’s Auto Detailing is a privately owned company that has been helping cars stand out and make a statement on the road in Bakersfield, California since 2003. Isaac’s Auto Detailing demands to be the best in the business, providing all customers with top quality service and products.

The professionals at Isaac’s Auto Detail make it their mission to have the interior and exterior of customers automobiles looking pristine. In order to do this they utilize top of the line products combined with professional skills and expertise. In addition, they also offer detailing services for boats, motorcycles, and RVs. Detailing not only gives cars a striking appearance but it also protects and prevents automobiles from further wear and tear or damage. A few of the services offered by the seasoned professionals at Isaac’s Auto Detail are ceramic paint protection, paint touch up, headlight restoration, and RV detailing. The associates of Isaac’s Auto Detail are passionate about what they do hold the company’s reputation to very high standards, providing the most gentle, fast, and effective system for protecting your investment in the vehicle that you drive.

If you’re looking for a top of the line detailing job, contact the trusted professionals at Isaac’s Auto Detail to enhance your vehicle's appearance and maintain its beauty and quality.