Bakersfield Hand Car Washing & Detailing Services

Full-Service Details

We can make your car look brand new again with our top-rated full-service hand car wash packages in Bakersfield. You can relax in a clean, comfortable and welcome environment while we transform your car. We want you to be 100 percent satisfied with our services, and our team of experts works hard to return your car to its former showroom beauty. Highlights of our full-service car wash details are listed below.
  • Our automated full-service car wash is quick and efficient, usually lasting between three and five minutes.
  • Several pieces of equipment, all with a distinct purpose, clean the exterior of your car. Services include underbody and carriage blaster, hot pre-soak, clear coat wax and double high-pressure rinse.
  • Specialists perform a complete exterior hand drying service with microfiber cloths to remove any traces of possible water spots.
  • At the finishing area, a team of professionals manually cleans the interior of your vehicle, removes trash, vacuum, wipes down the dashboard and doors, cleans the interior windows and adds your choice of air freshener. The cleaning system is quite different from traditional home vacuums. Overhead hoses connect to a central vacuum system with a powerful air pump for a deep clean.
  • While a team cleans the interior, another cleans and polishes the rims, including polishing any chrome to a brilliant shine.

Complete Services

RV Detailing
Boat Detailing
Motorcycle Detailing
Overspray Removal
Scratch Removal
Water Spot Removal
Paint Touch up
Headlight Restoration
Ceramic Coating